Stand Up Paddleboard prices in Canada


In Canada, buyers seeking a nice stand-up paddle board are confronted with a wide range of stand-up paddleboard prices and brands. We know what it's like to do the search having been on the same path ourselves. Slogging through pages of online search results to discover an excellent product can be a full time gig.

Rather than advising you on which paddle stand boards to purchase, this article aims to answer these questions: How much does a paddle board cost? Why can paddle boards be so expensive? What can you expect from the specific range of products?


How much does a paddle board cost?

The cost of the board is determined by its quality, size, and construction. Just like any industry, the mroe you pay, the more you get... but it's worth noting that there are gems to be found in the grass. That's one of our strengths at The SUP Outlet - We've spent time finding the best gems for the best value.

All of these factors (Quality, Size, Construction) influence the pricing. In some cases, it's just the brand and marketing. In other cases, the original equipment manufacturer has added an additional layer of quality assurance in the production, but hey! That's a good thing and worth the cost.

A complete paddle board setup contains the necessary components such as the board, fins, leash, and other suggested accessories - this you'll find is the bog standard. It's also guided by the materials used in the construction.

The materials used differ based on the style of paddle board you choose. Fiberglass/epoxy and inflatable paddle boards are the two most common varieties:


  • The following are some of the materials used to make a solid paddle board: Epoxy resin, Fiberglass, Hollow wood or foam cores, or carbon Fiber.
  • Inflatable paddle boards are made from the following materials: PVC, EVA deck pads with drop-stitch technique, seals and inflation valves.

    Inflatable paddle board and its construction

    Source: Gilisports

    A paddle board generally costs somewhere around $300 and $1,200. Although there are some boards that price higher - the higher you go, the stronger the likelyhood that the features increase with intentional design. A good way to think of paddleboards is to compare them to cars, you get what you pay for. The economic side of the market is great to shop in should you be new to paddleboarding. That should be your main consideration when looking at a budget for a board - how often are you going to go out on it? Do you need to spend $2000 on a board when you'll only use it a few times each year.

    Inflatable stand-up paddle boards are less expensive than epoxy ones. Furthermore, it is easier to bring for traveling and storing at home. That's the main selling point, it's mobility.

    The most expensive SUP boards might cost anywhere from $1,000 and $2,000. With racing boards such as Starboard heading towards the $6000 mark. This high pricing represents the materials, the board's endurance, and any particular features it may have.


    Stand-up paddleboard prices by board type

    High-quality solid board price.

    These expensive epoxy paddleboards are designed for those who get out on the water often, their usage is intentional and often. The price range is $1,300 - $2,000. They are exclusively designed to reach a certain market, such as fishing, surfing, or racing.

    A hefty price tag does not always imply that it is the best option for you. They might lose their adaptability if you use them for other purposes. On racing SUPs, catching waves and maintaining balance would be challenging.

    Expoxy paddle board

    Source: Gilisports

    Epoxy SUP cheap price

    Paddleboards in this category are inexpensive and capable of doing all the tasks that an all-around stand-up paddle board requires. The price is around $700 to $1,295 however there are a number of companies that do them for less. We'd be happy to make a refferal if needs be.

    These paddle boards are not inferior to others simply because they are less expensive. You might be astonished at how nicely the low-range epoxy can be built.

    However, take note of the suspiciously cheap one. They may appear fine at first, but they can soon delaminate, and water can enter the outer layer. We would also suggest being cautious, if it's seems like it's too good to be true, then it likely is. Double and triple check the company to make sure you don't lose your money.

    High-quality inflatable stand-up paddle price.

    Due to their superior quality, the more costly inflatable boards are likely to have better endurance. They usually cost from $800 to $1,700 per package.

    This pricing range offers high performance, longevity, and technical characteristics. If you seek a good-function stand-up paddleboard in Canada, this range is reasonable. They are suitable for racing and usually come along with a premium accessory set. Some commenters feel that accessories are what set aside the high and low range of pricing. The jury is out on that one. 

    Medium range inflatable stand-up paddle price.

    The inflatable paddleboard in the medium range hit the mark in terms of quality and longevity for such a reasonable price: $450 - $800

    The boards sold in this price range come in some fantastic bundles making them a great bargain.

    Low inflatable stand-up paddle price.

    There are many boards that can be found in this range now, with the price of boards coming down in 2022 which is great for the consumer. We'd always suggest to purchase with an air of caution. Having vetted a number of boards from a number of suppliers we can safely say that not all boards in the range under $450 are good value. The ones we stock and sell at The SUP Outlet are vetted... but boy o boy have we had to send some back to the manufacturers. 

    The boards we sell in this range have been tried and tested. You can read reviews on them and do your own research too if that helps. In 2021, the lowest cost board we had was over $400, now those same boards can be bought for less as costs come down in the industry. 

    What do I get for my money?

    If you are wondering why are paddle boards cost what they do? Let's go through some of the elements that influence the pricing of a paddle board.

    How it is constructed and designed

    When purchasing a paddle board, the crucial things to contemplate are the structure and design. The type of material utilized, the technique of construction, and even the size all affect durability and function. As previously mentioned, paddle boards can be hard or inflatable.

    The typical solid board comprises foam encased in numerous layers of fiberglass and additional materials such as carbon or wood to strengthen the outer layers. Expensive material has a significant influence on stand-up paddle prices. A simple way to look at it is that the more the material costs, the more the board will be marked up in relativity. 

    Inflatable paddle boards comprise exceptionally durable PVC that has been sewn together and has space inside for air. The hardness of an inflatable board can be the same as a solid board if it's properly inflated to the suggested PSI.

    Your needs and tastes can determine the sort of paddle board you want. Solid paddle boards are great for ready-to jump scenarios. In contrast, inflatable paddle boards are meant to be folded and packed with your other traveling items and are ideal for mobility and storage.

    SUP board's dimension and thickness can give different performance levels.

    How to ride SUP paddle board

    Source: wiki


    How it performs

    A stand-up paddle board provides excellent performance when adequately constructed for specific water sports types. Stand-up paddle boards used for racing and touring might have a similar shape to kayaks. 

    Tower Explorer paddle board

    Source: Bestbuy

    A board with a bigger hull in width provides more steadiness and maneuverability. For example, the Tower Xplorer is one of the market's largest 14-foot inflatable paddle boards.

    This type of paddle board is ideal for those using paddle board for entertaining, particularly for beginners in their balancing practice stage. The wide hull gives more room to move, which is also great for paddle board yoga activities.

    We are great in our own unique ways, with that said, if you'd like a board to fit your body type, then read on: Slim boards are better suited to those smaller in size whereas broader boards are better for larger body types. 


    What's the second hand value?


    If you're planning to buy a board but you're unsure whether you'll keep it. As in, you're just trying it out. Then we'd suggest buying one that costs a little less. We have a great range of intro boards that you'll like. 

    Please note that your old board's price is undoubtedly influenced by its condition. If you're paddling in lakes that have lots of green algae, make sure to follow best practices to hose your board down, otherwise it'll be harder to sell on the second hand market. 


    Conclusion - what is the right board for you?

    Before you buy a paddleboard, there are some good questions to ask - assess your skill level, budget, body type, and personal interest! If you give us these parameters, we'll be able to suggest a board for you. If we don't have one, then we'll still try to point you in the right direction.

    Picking a brand or type can be much easier when you have your specific goal. Suppose you're not a paddle board expert with particular demands. In that case, other solutions like a mid-range inflatable paddle board should be considered.


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