Blue Camo - 40
Blue Camo - 40
Blue Camo - 40
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Blue Camo - 40" Hard Plastic Bottom Rubber Snow Tube

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    Size 40"
    Weight 6 KG
    Material Rubber tube, polyethylene base
    Material thickness 2.0 MM
    Suitable for 120 kg and under

    Only available to GTA customers

    Additional info
    If you're looking for something a bit more durable then we'd suggest checking out these tubes with a solid polyethylene bottom. The snow tube itself is made from rubber which means it's a stronger choice than PVC. You'll find rubber tubes like these at commercial grade tubing centers - they are designed for years of heavy-duty use. It will give you all the benefits of a plastic saucer, but the comfort of a rubber tube. 

    This tube comes with a warning - Because of the design, the super slick bottom may reach speeds of almost 50 km an hour. We strongly suggest you have a runway at the bottom of the hill and please be extra careful with children. We encourage you to take all safety precautions to make the day out more enjoyable. 

    This tube is 100 cm. If you need something bigger, check out our 120 cm tubes. Includes a matching interior seat cushion tube, providing extra comfort and an ultra-smooth ride.

    As previously mentioned, this tube can build speed. It has the benefits for speeds like a toboggan, but the comfort of a giant Marshmallow. It has 2 grab handles to brace onto and a double stitched tow line. If you chose to tow the tube, take precautions so as to not run into the back of the vehicle when it stops. 

    If you have any issues with this tube, reach out to us. We stand by this product and its quality. 

    Snow tube does not include pump.

    Shipping - GTA only
    Pick up available in Toronto. Local delivery within a 20 KM radius is available for a $10 fee. For further away, please call.