SUP guide 101: How to buy Stand Up Paddleboard in Canada


The popularity of stand-up paddleboards has grown in recent years as the number of people using them has increased. This sport is also gradually becoming one of Canada's most popular water ones in 2022. So how will the process of buying and selling SUP paddle boards take place? Let's find out with us in this section!


Stand-up Paddle Boards

There are numerous types of stand-up paddleboards on the market today. Each class will be suitable for a specific water sport. Here are some of the most popular options on the market nowadays:


SUP Yoga

Practicing Yoga on a SUP paddleboard floating in the water is an entirely new experience. This activity challenges you to keep balance and helps you enjoy the freshest air from nature.

Yoga boards are typically designed with a flat, wide surface to accommodate many movements and postures. A SUP board is larger than your regular Yoga mat. If you are afraid of slipping, don't worry because the top surface has a pad to provide the user with grip, this is called EVA. The Yoga board we sell has a full top EVA which is much larger than your average board. Perfect for yourself and should you wish to sup with a pup, more space for them too.

SUP yoga

SUP Yoga

>> Checkout the YOGA SUP 10'6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board which is great for doing your Yoga.


SUP Travel & Racing

Many people participate in expeditions and travel tours with stand-up paddleboards on the big rivers every week. This type of SUP is typically longer than standard ones, with narrower ends for faster and more efficient travel.

Furthermore, because this type of SUP is similar to a ship's hull, it is usually thicker. It can increase the amount of stuff you carry on your journey. These SUPs are also used for racing at high speeds in a straight line. 


Whitewater Paddling

SUP for Whitewater Paddling opens up entirely new possibilities for experienced river kayakers. It instills a sense of adventure and tests the players' bravery and courage. SUP Whitewater comes in two varieties, each with its characteristics: one for river surfing and the other for sea surfing.

The length is the only difference between them. The stand-up paddleboards used for river surfing are typically longer to aid in balancing while moving, whereas the sea ones are shorter.

The above types of SUP paddleboards are also made from various materials. They are typically classified as solid paddleboards or inflatable paddles. The inflatable SUPs, in particular, are more convenient and easy to use at a lower cost than the solid ones.

SUP's Sizes & Shapes

Hundreds of SUP types are now available in the following general sizes and shapes.


The Paddle Length

SUP length directly impacts the spin speed and responsiveness of the user's rotation and thrust. Not only affects the pace, but the length also increases the surface area for better buoyancy. 

· Short paddleboards under 9ft in length are appropriate for sea surfing.

· Paddle boards ranging in length from 9ft to 12ft are ideal for practicing Yoga.

· Paddle boards range from 12 to 14 feet and are ideal for long-term racing or adventure travel.

SUP length

SUP length

SUPs' Width and Thickness

SUP boards are available in various widths ranging from 30 to 34 inches (2.5ft - 2.83ft). However, the 32" (approximately 2.67ft) will likely make users feel stable on the water while still allowing for quick movement.

The board's length and width also determine the thickness of the SUP board. The majority of boards on the market today are between 5-6 inches thick. With this thickness, users will feel the paddle's stability on the water and will be able to climb back onto the board after falling. We suggest falling into the water than onto the board as once the board is rigid, it's like falling on concrete. 

Manufacturers typically design boards with a thickness of 0.5ft for widths of 33 - 34 inches (2.75 - 2.83ft). The remaining SUPs are made with a 5-inch thickness (0.416ft).


SUPs' Body Shape

Nowadays, most modern SUPs have a bodyboard designed with a smooth bottom and a subtle convex shape. This creates buoyancy, allowing the stand-up paddleboard to glide effortlessly across the water. The board's surface is durable, strong and designed to handle the outdoors.

Furthermore, the large size boards are appropriate for use by beginners. They are suitable for surfing but not for travel or racing because they cannot glide straight and are pretty slow.

Boards with displacement hulls have a deeper diving hull than those with planning hulls. As the shape of the paddle allows them to split water more efficiently, they tend to go straight and fast in narrow open water.

However, because this type of board is difficult to control, especially turning the direction of movement, it is only suitable for experienced users. This stand-up paddleboard body is ideal for long-term adventure travel or racing.

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SUPs' Included Accessories

When purchasing a SUP paddleboard, you must consider the accompanying accessories and the board itself. All of ours boards come with a paddle, fins, carry bag, pump, repair kit. 

SUP accessories

SUP accessories 

SUP Paddle

One of the most crucial SUP accessories is the paddle. It gives you more control and allows you to push the water to move the board on the water. When selecting a hand paddle, you should consider the following factors:

· Design of the handle.

· A good paddle height is around 10 to 12" taller than your height. All of our paddles are adjustable for this purpose. Having a good paddle will assist in obtaining maximum power and the fastest speed on the water.

· The shaft must be well-built.

· The paddle should be light enough for you to be comfortable while also being heavy enough to keep the SUP moving through the water.


A hand pump will be included with the inflatable SUP. This device allows you to push air into your stand-up paddleboard. It is highly convenient because it can be used wherever and whenever possible.

On the upstroke, it will draw air, and then on the downstroke, it will pump the air into the board. 

You might want to consider using a pump with two cylinders rather than one. It increases the amount of air moving inside the pump. The only downside to a double cylinder is the mobilitgy of it, if you can't take it with you then it becomes a bit more of a hindrence.

Which is why we prefer to use electric pumps for the initial phase of inflation. These can be car inflators or in my case, I prefer to use a Ryobi inflator which is portable. As I use Ryobi power tools for home DIY, it makes sense to bring the battery and tool. The inflator can be bought from Canadian tire for a reasonable price. 

>> For your information about pumping, check out this blog: How to pump up paddleboard for beginner to professional.

PFD (Personal Floating Device)

A personal flotation device is a crucial SUP kit accessory that must be mentioned. It is one of the devices used to ensure your safety when out and about. Personal flotation devices are classified into two types:

Life jacket: While this is a highly safe option, many hobbyists dislike it because they do not want to be confined in a life jacket while out.

Inflatable Belts: These are smaller belts worn behind the user's belt. It has a CO2 cylinder that you can activate by pulling the rope. When activated, it expands into a large bladder. It will aid users in staying afloat in emergencies.

In Canada, the rules state that you have to have a PFD when you are out on a board. Despite many users heading out without them, we strongly urge you to do so. PFD's can be purchased for reasonable prices from Canadian Tire or second hand on Kijiji.

The Leash

We strongly suggest wearing a leash whilst on the board. If you're out on the water and you fall in, it's super helpful to know that you are attached to the board, that way, you don't have to swim far to get the board back. Think of it like a seatbelt, it's super helpful. 

Where can I get a SUP in Canada?

SUP paddleboards are widely available in Canada. The SUP Outlet is the place to go if you want to buy SUP paddles at a reasonable price from a reputable source.

We offer a wide range of inflatable stand-up paddleboards in sizes, shapes, and color patterns. Our prices are also very reasonable, allowing you to select the product that best meets your needs. Not only that, but The SUP Outlet also sells a wide range of SUP accessories too. If you have ay questions, when in doubt, give us a shout. We keep our prices low by managing our overheads. 

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SUP outlet in Canada

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